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Board of Trustees

ERA Institute / Board of Trustees

The Eurasian Research and Analysis – ERA Institute Board of Trustees is the highest governing body of the organization, which decides on the strategic course and general operations of the organization. Board Members deliberate, advise, and vote on matters of importance for the organization.

Board of Trustees

Allan Louden, PhD

Board Member

Dr. Allan Louden is Chair of Department of Communication at the Wake Forest University. His teaching interests include Argumentation Theory, Political Communication, Presidential Rhetoric, Debate & Advocacy Research.

Knarik Gasparyan

Chairwoman | Corporate Director

Knarik Gasparyan holds M.Sc. in Security Studies from UCL and B.A. in Political Science from UCLA. Her research interests include international/cyber security, law and conflict studies. She is currently pursuing J.D. at USC Law School.

James Desveaux, PhD

Board Member

Dr. James Desveaux is Associate Director of the Center for American Politics and Public Policy at University of California, Los Angeles; Director of Washington Programs for UCLA; and a member of the UCLA Department of Political Science.

Tania Mastrapa, PhD

Board Member

Dr. Tania C. Mastrapa is the founder of Mastrapa Consultants, a firm that advocates for and supports private property rights and restitution of confiscated property around the world. She is also the President of RED Executive Development.

Armen V. Sahakyan

Board Member | Executive Director

Armen V. Sahakyan holds M.A. degree from the Johns Hopkins University SAIS. His research interests include international political economy, Eurasian politics, economic development, and ancient political thought.

Anita Kondoyanidi, PhD

Board Member

Dr. Anita Kondoyanidi holds her first PhD in Literature and Literary Criticism. She is the Associate Director of Carmel Institute of Russian History & Culture and an Adjunct Professorial Lecturer of History at the American University.

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